Get moving - Home workout


We’ve put together our favourite workouts for you to follow from the comfort of your home. Four motivating videos have been uploaded on our Youtube channel targeting all body parts! 

They are 12 minutes each - one with our resistance bands and three without any equipment. Save these videos for your next session and get ready to sweat with us!

12 min Booty Workout (with resistance bands) 

This booty workout focuses on working your legs and glutes using our resistance bands. It’s perfect to do at home or when you want to do a quick and effective session at the gym. Suitable for both if you are a beginner or have trained with the bands before. Repeat the session for three rounds or as much as you like. 

1. Side steps + squats - push your knees against the band, keep your body down
2. Sumo squats pulse - wide stance, push your knees against the band while pulsing
3. Kickbacks - push your heel up, kick back as hard as you can
4. Hip thrusters - squeeze your glutes, lift your hips as high as you can
5. Lunges + side kick - take a big step back, kick as high as you can


12 min HIIT workout (no equipment)

Our HIIT workout is energetic and lots of fun. It’ll get your heart beating and bring on your sweat. If this sounds a little overwhelming, slow it down and take it at your pace. You can do it, just keep moving. Repeat the round as often as you like - and be sure to take a break when needed. No equipment needed, so let’s get into it! 

1. Skater jumps  - work with your legs and glutes
2. Sumo squats + knee tuck - wide stance, lift your knee as high as possible
3. Plank walks in and out - keep the tension in your core, go until your body is in a straight line
4. Walk out and push up - keep the tension in your core, go until your body is in a straight line
5. Lunge back + forwards - take a big step, push with your legs and glutes


12 min Full Body workout (no equipment)

This Full Body workout targets all your major muscle groups and energises you from head to toe! It is low impact, doesn’t require any equipment - perfect for strengthening your whole body without putting too much load on your joints <3
This is a great start, if you are a beginner. And for our advantage ladies out there, give this one a go, too - you can add repetitions or an extra round to make it more challenging.


1. Lunge + knee tuck - keep your hips stable, activate your core when drawing your knee up
2. Feet touches, working abs - engage your core, reach towards your feet
3. Core plank, working back and forth - shift your weight forward & back over your hands, draw your belly in
4. Lower back + rotation - keep your body in a straight line, rotate slowly and controlled
5. Sit up- use your core strength not your lower back to lift upper body


12 min Booty workout (no equipment)

In this leg workout we are really going to fire up the lower body. It is tailored to strengthen your glutes and thighs. Your booty will thank you for this session 😉 You don’t need any equipment, just your beautiful self. Repeat for three rounds in total, or keep going for as long as you choose. Let’s get moving!

1. Jump lunges - keep working through both legs, engage your core
2. Squat + calf raise - raise your heels, keep stable by squeezing your thighs
3. Deep squat jumps - push your feet into the floor to jump up, squeeze your glutes
4. Frog pumps - push your knees out, lift your hips high while squeezing glutes together
5. Kneeling squat jump - land on your feet, stand up and push your outer thighs together

Our aim is to inspire and motivate YOU to an active lifestyle and to make you believe in yourself and your dreams. Let’s have fun and get moving!