Reach dreams - Self love


We believe that self-love gives you the strength and courage to pursue your dreams in life. When you love yourself, you recognize your worth and prioritize your needs to be the person you want to be.

When was the last time you felt truly confident with yourself?

What thoughts do you have towards your body, your performance, your life?

Do your daily thoughts tear you down or empower you to be better?

We caught up with self love expert Kayla Andersson and asked her a few questions about this topic! Self love is so important and we hope you will incorporate som of the tips into to your life. <3

What does self love mean to you?

- At the core of our being we are love. We have always been love, however our life experiences and society can teach us otherwise. Self love to me is coming back to that core knowing of just how truly worthy we are. It is through creating this solid foundation of loving ourselves that we can influence all other parts of our lives, and the lives of others in a positive, high vibe way. 

Why is self love important?

- You will never rise higher in the world than the way you see yourself. Our self belief is the core foundation which determines the way we live out our lives. Think about it, if we all knew and deeply understood just how worthy and amazing we are, we would be wearing whatever we liked, working in jobs that fulfilled us and in relationships with people who feel like sunshine. But because we are conditioned to have doubt, our lives reflect that and often we are in situations where we are questioning our worth. Am I good enough? Can i do this? Furthermore, the relationship we have with our bodies is affected. Believe you are not enough and you will lack in desire to eat well and exercise. Self love is the foundation of everything. 

Who should practice self love?

- Everyone. If you are sitting here wondering if you should begin this practice, ask yourself this:

- Are you ready to feel good about who you are?
- Do you desire walking on to a beach in a bikini with no doubts in your mind?
- Do you wish for freedom from the thoughts that bring you down?
- Do you want to feel good enough for the jobs, relationships, friendships and life - you desire? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, self love is for you and it is going to change your life forever. 

Your top 5 tips on how to practice self love:

Positive Self Talk - Begin a daily practice where you stand in front of the mirror and read positive affirmations such as “I am worthy” or “I am enough”. Loving yourself means changing your current belief systems to more empowering ones and science shows this is one powerful step in that process.

Journaling - This practice is very healing in the sense that it gives you an opportunity to express emotions, dream up new visions and gain self awareness. Awareness of our thoughts and emotions is a key part of self love as it is being accepting and welcoming of all parts of yourself rather than pushing them away. My go to journal prompt for self awareness is : What are the 5 things my higher self is doing that I am not currently doing? This offers an opportunity to explore the beliefs that are holding you back from that reality. Understand the beliefs, create new ones, move forward from a place of love..

Self Care - Many people assume self care is getting your nails done or having a massage but it can go deeper than this. Self love is accepting and nurturing the internal and external parts of you. Self care looks like, honouring your feelings, taking rests, reading a book, spending time with people you love, going to a yoga class and so much more.

Self expression - This ones my favourite! Often when we lack self love, we are shying away from many of the things we love doing. We lack self expression as we hide away from the world, in shyness of our greatness. My question for you is, how can you express yourself more? How can you lean in to the fun, quirky parts of you and let them be free? For me, this was dancing! Through adulthood, i would only dance when i was drunk until I discovered it was because I was so embarrassed about being seen. SInce this realisation I now express myself freely and it feels amazing.

Daily Ritual - Creating a self love ritual that you give to yourself every single day is extremely powerful. When was the last time you took a moment to truly honour and appreciate who you are? You can use the above four tips in order to create this.  My ritual usually begins with moving my body, self love yoga, gratitude, journalling, positive affirmations  and meditation to create a kind, supportive mind.